Help support children in the Cape region of South Africa.

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Help support children in the Cape region.

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Education Projects

We offer a home and a well-developed educational program for kindergarten children between the ages of two and five; children and adolescents in the orphanage; primary school and high school aged children; and, as well as training through our Special Skill Center.

Hope and Light offers education, social competence, sporting and artistic activities for around 500 children. Of these, 25 are children in the orphanage; about 120 children are in the kindergarten; and 370 children and adolescents are in two-level preschool, elementary and high school classes.


Our aim is to support up to 600 children in all areas and age groups.

Also, this year we will introduce specialized training programmes in IT and computer programming for approximately 100 children.

In 2022 the first students will graduate from high school. Therefore, a dual training centre will be set up, as in Germany.

Furthermore, our cooperation with FC Global United will also be expanded. Children and adults of all ages, skin colours and religious backgrounds should become inspired about sports and their natural environment and are helped and supported through various projects.

The first success was recognized at the Systemic Awards 2017 of the Metropolis East Education District for the elementary school.

Children Village Project

Our children village was opened in 2009. In each of the 4 houses, foster and orphan children are cared for all day by trained social workers and educators.

We are very grateful to be able to observe how splendidly the girls and boys are developing in their new home.

Depending on their age, the children attend either Hope and Light Kindergarten or Hope and Light School. The children can remain in the care of Hope and Light Community Welfare until they reach legal age.

Kindergarten Project

It was a big day for the entire village community of Sir Lowry’s Pass Village when Ons Speelnessie, the old kindergarten, experienced a glamorous reopening on 12 March 2004 after years of decay. Today, there are about 100 girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 5 who spend probably the most carefree time of their lives under the roof of Hope and Light.

Qualified educators lead the little ones in playing, in close accordance with the curricula of the Ministry of Education. The aim is to arouse their curiosity for the unknown and the new, to introduce them to everyday hygiene and to impart assertiveness in dealing with their playmates. The children are then well prepared for the transition to our preschool classes.

Preschool Project

Politicians and educational researchers of all types agree that nothing is more urgent for the future viability of the rainbow nation than well-educated and responsible young people.

Today, around 50 children attend our two preschool classes. An extensive afternoon learning program offers classes in arts, sports and crafts as well as mentoring of underperforming students in a remedial class which are all part of the standard program of our school. Every day, two healthy meals from the newly built school kitchen provides for the physical well-being and, like the daily transport of pupils, are part of the extensive range of care offered by our school.

Since 2018, the first students have been attending high school, and in 2022 we will have the first high-school diploma class.

Primary School and High School Project

Thanks to the great sponsorship of our 3 donors (Dietmar Hopp Stiftung, Sternstunden e.V., BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“) in Germany, the following school buildings and facilities were set up between 2016 and 2019: 

  • Preschool
  • Primary school
  • High school
  • Teachers´ room and offices
  • School kitchen
  • Canteen with event hall
  • Football pitch
  • Netball and tennis court
  • Special Skill Centre

A new school yard and a mini-hockey pitch, available in Spring 2020, has been made possible through the financial commitment of Sternstunden e.V.

Our Supporters

Special Skill Centre Project

In cooperation with the University of Cape Town, we have been further developing the educational concept of our organisation for the time after primary school with an innovative education project for southern Africa.

The dual purpose of the planned school and training centre will help foster school children with craftsman skills. Those whose talents are more in the craftsman field will be integrated into a standardised training program, which is unique in the South African region in this way. In various craft occupations, such as mechanics, electricians, bricklayers or plumbers, young people are to be offered appropriate training lessons.

According to plan, adults will also have the opportunity to receive further training by attending evening courses.

Help support children in the Cape region.

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